Cat6A RJ45 Patch cable S/FTP TPE ecofriendly yellow GRS certified - 0.5m

Réf. 854538

Shielded RJ45 patch cord CAT. 6A S/FTP Eco Friendly GRS Certified

This ecological patch cord comes from the reuse of recycled raw materials a ...

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Shielded RJ45 patch cord CAT. 6A S/FTP Eco Friendly GRS Certified

This ecological patch cord comes from the reuse of recycled raw materials and has received GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification from the SGS laboratory. With more than 50% of the weight of the patch cord made of recycled materials, this patch cord can receive the GRS label and complies with the AGEC law in France. Ecological but without compromising on quality, since the Copper and Aluminum that make up the cord are pure and not made from recycled materials, in order to guarantee maximum performance. The cord sheath and the pair insulation are made with quality recycled materials, each step of which is certified by SGS: from the control of recycled materials at the time of purchase at the factory, to extruding and assembly.

This RJ45 category CAT.6A Class EA network cord allows you to transmit data at frequencies up to 500 MHz, and at speeds up to 10 Gbps.

The S/FTP specification means that it has a general shielding, and an individual shielding in pairs. The general shielding is provided by a tinned copper braid, and the shielding of each pair by an aluminum foil. This type of cord offers the highest level of shielding, and allows very good immunity to external disturbances, and therefore guaranteed maximum data rates.

Its conductor is exclusively made of copper, and its conductivity is therefore optimal, guaranteeing the highest performance. This type of cord is recommended for PoE applications up to 60 W (PoE++).

The sheath of this cord is made of zero halogen TPE, which gives it flexibility and means that in the case of a fire, it releases no halogen.

This cord complies with the ANSI/TIA 568 standard and is guaranteed for a period of 15 years.

Features :
- Category: CAT. 6A
- Frequency: 500 MHz
- Impedance: 100 ohms
- Conductor: copper (pure, not recycled)
- AWG: 26 / 7 strands
- Shielding: general by copper braid (not recycled), pair by pair by aluminum foil (not recycled)
- Wiring standard: ANSI/TIA 568C.2
- Sheath: Zero halogen TPE compliant with EN 60754-2
- Outer sheath of the cable and insulation of the pairs made from GRS certified recycled materials
- Low profile, high density compatible connector sleeve
- Locking lug protection tab
- Individual packaging
- Storage and operation temperatures: -20° to +70°C
- Guarantee: 15 years
Data sheet
Part number ECF-854538
Main features :  
  Connection type   Cable
  Signal   Network
  A Connector type   RJ-45
  B Connector type   RJ-45
  Gender of connector A   Male
  Gender of connector B   Male
  Cable category   Cat. 6A
  Shielding   S/FTP
  Colour   Yellow
Secondary features :  
  Snagless   Yes
  Crossover   No
  POE   Compatible
  Conductor   Copper
  Wiring standards   ANSI/EIA/TIA 568

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